Championship glory for Christine in Southport

Championship glory for Christine in Southport
Article Date  : 26th June 2013
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  • The 2013 KFA Championship weekend was a great success and was very well supported. The competitors were once again of an extremely high standard, especially in the solo movement and dance section.

    Yorkshire Region KFA was indeed very lucky to have Christine Tingle, a KFA teacher from Barnsley, performing first out on the floor in that section on the Saturday afternoon. Out of the 21 solo competitors, the six best were then chosen to perform again. Yorkshire’s Christine Tingle was one of those six chosen. It was nail-biting waiting for the winners announcement. When two of the previous winners were then placed 3rd and 2nd, we all held our breath. Then Christine’s name was read out as the winner! She was the solo winner. Everyone from Yorkshire went wild with applause!

    Yorkshire KFA are immensely proud of Christine and since the Championships she has had many invitations to perform at events around the country. Christine was overwhelmed by the occasion, “I didn’t really make a big thing of entering, I didn’t tell many people at all.” She says. “ It s easy to fly under the radar when performing solo. I am surprised by how many lovely comments and congratulations I have received and am genuinely grateful that people have shown their support.”

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