De-Stress your day – the easy way

Article Date  : 08th October 2017
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  • Stress has an accumulative effect, like water dripping into a glass, so it is
    important to learn strategies that helpyou ’empty the glass ‘ every day, and
    stop it overflowing.

    1. Be Time Affluent

    Dedicate at least 15 minutes of your day to something that you actively choose to do rather than something that needs to be done. It could be reading a good book OR pottering in the  garden OR cooking OR anything that gives you joy. This brings a feeling of calm contentment because it feels that you have enough time for activities that are personally meaningful.

    2.  Laugh every day

    Laughter triggers the release of the happy chemical dopamine, which acts as an antidote to stress hormones. Spend time with people who make you laugh OR watch ‘Have I got News for You’

    3. Do a Good Deed

    Do something nice for a friend or stranger as this is recommended one of your’ 5 a day’ for positive mental health.

    4. Breath Better

    Put your left hand on your chest and your right hand on your belly. Inhale for a count of two,
    exhale for a count of four, then pause for a count of four before repeating.
    Try to focus your mind on the feeling of your breath going in and out of your body.
    Do this for 5 minutes twice a day

    5. Exercise

    30 minutes of moderate exercise increases your resilience to stress for several hours afterwards.
    For best results, get outdoors and active in a park or near water.

    6. Worry well

    Set aside 15 minutes a day to specifically think about your worries. Separate your worries into two lists – one of things that you can do something about (list A) and one of things you can’t (list B)
    Think of practical strategies for dealing with list A, and tell yourself to let go of list B


    Precis of Article from Lifespan Health Magazine, Autumn 2016



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