Proud to host National AGM 2018

Proud to host National AGM 2018
Article Date  : 13th October 2018
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  • East Midlands was proud to host this year’s National AGM with a slight change of format.  The AGM was held in the morning leaving a full day to enjoy keep fit sessions and demonstrations.

    The morning sessions comprised three 20 minute slots by three East Midlands Teacher Trainers.  Each was different but equally stimulating.

    All too soon the morning was over and it was time for lunch and another look around the stalls.   Quite a change this year with Alison Clarke bringing a sample of the range of cakes and pastries she makes for a local patisserie.  It isn’t true to say Alison hides this particular talent under a bushel – we have had the pleasure of some of her cakes before – but never on such a scale and with such a choice.  Seriously tempting –  we were going to have to work hard to dance off some of those delicious calories!.

    Other stalls included two displaying crafts – one with pretty fairy light lanterns and sweet smelling candles, and the other, by EM member, Beverley Barnett, presenting a range of expertly made aprons, bags, Christmas gifts and stockings.   She’s going to be kept busy well up to Christmas with the orders she took.

    The AGM is also a good opportunity to buy a new pair of dance shoes, tee-shirt or casual wear and again, we had stalls selling an interesting range of these.

    But we were here to Keep Fit! – and so, after lunch and spending our last couple of pounds on raffle tickets, we had one final brilliant session with Ruth Denholm before rapidly changing or getting our seats for the afternoon of demonstrations.  Ruth’s theme was ‘This is Me’ and included both music and movement that made you proud of who we are. (see also news item about Ruth’s class for Mental Health Awareness day)

    The demonstrations included many from the National Festival of Movement ‘Spirit of Dance’ and opened with Alison Clarke’s team performing her item on the theme of ‘Adoration’ to the music ‘All of Me’. This was a mesmerising piece when first seen at the Festival, but now in close proximity, the emotion of the piece was even clearer to see.

    The next one being from Nottingham and Derbyshire, produced by Ruth Denholm.

    Using the music ‘All We Needed’ This county team item moved through a series of relationships and incorporated yellow floating materials to develop the theme which was initially inspired by ‘Children in Need’.

    The next East Midlands item was from Leicestershire & Northants and produced by Diana Bigley.

    In this item entitled ‘Contrasts’ performed to the music ‘Rather Be’ by Escala, Diana used Laban movements with contrasts in levels, dynamics and flow to create different moods and team relationships.

    Our final East Midlands item – and indeed final demonstration of the day, was also from the Festival Spirit of Dance and this was ‘Apassionado’ produced by Lisa Terry.  Those who saw it in June will recall the firery dynamics as the red skirts morphed into capes and the dancers swirled around the stage in tango, flamenco and paso-dobles.

    A fitting end to a brilliant day.

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