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What’s on: A Panorama of Movement and Dance

Event date   29th June 2019

Hopefully you have got your tickets for Panorama but if not, please do buy them now.

You will be missing out on a spectacular show if not!

We only have one performance this year, at 2pm, due to rising costs and lower sales, so tickets will be more limited, therefore get in early!
It is once more being held at the Dolphin Centre, Darlington and the staff there are very keen for us to continue holding our show there.

A colourful display of dance and movement, to a variety of music.

Teams from the whole of the North East Region, as well as performers direct from the National Championships at Nottingham.

A spectacular of dance, not to be missed!

Tickets: £11 (Adults) £5 (Children)

For Tickets, Contact: Marilyn Laverick 0191 3888125   marilynlaverick@yahoo.com


  • The Dolphin Centre,
    Darlington - DL1 5RP

  • 01325 406000

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