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What’s on: East Midlands Regional AGM 2018

Event date   27th October 2018

A new format for the East Midlands Regional AGM.

Because the East Midlands will be hosting the National AGM at Brockington College only three weeks before the Regional AGM, it was decided to offer a totally different format for the Regional AGM to the usual Rally/Meeting/Dems which would in effect simply duplicate the format of the national AGM.

This year, a private room has been booked for the Regional AGM at Brinsley Lodge, a large Pub/Restaurant near Eastwood which is accessible from the M1 motorway.

We are planning a 10.30 am start for the AGM followed by social activities and lunch. The meeting is free to members and those who wish to stay for lunch can choose from the Lodge menu and pay for their own meal which will be served in the private room.

The official invitation to the AGM will be produced and sent out in the summer mailing.

If you need transport – don’t be afraid to ask. All keep fitters with a car are more than willing to share.


  • Brinsley Lodge,
    56 Mansfield Rd,
    Nottingham - NG16 5AE

  • 01773 764053

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