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What’s on: East Midlands Producers for National Festival

Event date   20th June 2021

Two East Midlands teams will be performing at National Festival of Movement – The Magic of Dance

We can look forward to two performances by East Midlands teams at the forthcoming Magic of Dance Festival of Movement on Sunday 20th June 2021.

Lynne Dowdican and Lisa Bigley have been selected to produce items for this year’s festival. Both producers would love to have a large team and full coaching will be given, but as this is a stage show, a few criteria must be considered.

Lynne’s item will be using apparatus based on hoops and team members will be expected to use large apparatus as an extension to their body; travel around with purpose and use the spine in contraction, flexion and extension.

Lisa is producing an item which requires ability to perform slow, sustained and expressive movement with poise, balance and control, in addition to working together in sensitive relationships.

Rehearsals will be held in March, April, May and June. Venues will be in Nottingham and Leicester (alternating locations).

If you are interested in being in one, or both teams please contact Sue Bennett in the first instance who will pass your details on.
Tel: 07811 661683 easystepztraining@outlook.com

The Symphony Hall in Birmingham is a fantastic place comprising restaurants, bars, an art gallery as well as the main Symphony Hall itself and is located in the vibrant cultural centre of Birmingham. There’s plenty to do before and after the show or even for a week-end.

Tickets are available now from the Symphony Hall –




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