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What’s on: Yorkshire Teams at The Magic of Dance

Event date   20th June 2021

Support Yorkshire Keep Fit Association at the National Festival – The Magic of Dance on Sunday 20th June 2021.

We will have two teams performing at The Symphony Hall in Birmingham so put the date 20th June in your calendar.

The Yorkshire producers are Janette Lever-Backhouse and Alison Maguire so let’s support our teams and go to the festival this year.

Tickets are available now at the Symphony Hall box office


Ticket prices are:
Adult – £30 and £36 plus box office commission of £3 per ticket
Children under 16 – £13 – box office e commission does not apply

Ticket booking options:
Online at www.thsh.co.uk
Box Office Telephone at 0121 780 3333
In person at the box office which is in the ICC foyer

Please note that to comply with Trading Standards, the Symphony Hall must advertise the full ticket cost which includes the box office commission. You will therefore see tickets advertised as:
£33 (including box office commission) and
£39 (including box office commission)

Group booking deals for savings on both the box office commission and the Festival ticket price

Get together with your friends / family and take advantage of the following:

Group bookings for 10 tickets
£1 box office commission per ticket (not £3) giving you a saving of £20 on the booking

Group bookings for 11+ tickets
Ticket price discounted by £2
£1 box office commission per ticket (not £3) giving you a saving of £4 per ticket (£2 ticket price and £2 box office commission)


  • Symphony Hall Birmingham,
    8 Centenary Square,
    Birmingham - B1 2EA

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