Kathie Lynch awarded Teacher of the Year 2019

Article Date  : 06th October 2019
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  • At our 62nd National AGM held in Darlington on 5th October 2019. Kathie Lynch was awarded Teacher of the Year.

    Those who know Kathie (which is just about everyone in the East Midlands Region) will appreciate how well deserved this recognition is and will most probably wonder why she has not been nominated before.

    Kathie has been a KFA teacher for 42 years and still takes three classes a week.  Many of her class members have attended one or other of her classes for most of this time.

    She has produced numerous class, regional and festival demonstrations; encouraging class members to take part as well as more experienced movers.

    Always full of energy and devotion to KFA, Kathie has encouraged members from all across the East Midlands to train as teachers and supported them throughout their training and in their early teaching years, building lasting friendships on the way. She only recently retired as a Trainer, after nearly 40 years, and still serves on the Regional Training Committee.    In addition to delivering training course for new teachers, Kathie has mentored the ‘Return to Teaching’ programme.

    She is well known for her support of KFA charities, whether local or national and has been responsible for raising thousands of pounds for them – and always in interesting ways, from coffee mornings to events that sometimes require a bit of explaining – such as the ‘Not the Queen’s Garden Party’, ‘Ascot Race Day’  and a ‘Seaside Picnic’ held in the Cogenhoe Village Hall without a trace of sand!

    Kathie has also served on the Leicestershire/Northants Committee in just about every role – always working hard to improve the way the committee functions.

    Quote from Nomination

    What strikes you about Kathie when you participate in one of her classes is the joy she gets from teaching and it is reciprocated;  you may not have had a good start to your day, but you leave smiling (your chuckle muscles have also been working as well as your pelvic floor)!

    Her sense of humour is second to none and her compassion for those who may sometimes be unwell goes above and beyond; she often makes a point of visiting personally with a bunch of flowers to cheer them up.  She never forgets birthdays, especially ones with ‘O’s at the end.

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