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Article Date  : 30th January 2019
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  • There must be something in the air, here in Plymouth.

    On reading The Plymouth Herald it gives me so much confidence, being a Senior Citizen. Only recently I read about the Keep Fit Lady aged 70 years running 3 Keep Fit Classes every week. Also you only have to scan through the papers to see silver headed ladies and gentlemen taking part in various sports, such as tennis, bowls, marathon running and even all year swimming.

    On a personal level, I have the good fortune to belong to Plymouth Keep Fit Association, which holds classes all over Plymouth. Three of our Teachers/Class Leaders have a combined age of 232 years, with a combined 100 years leading and teaching Keep Fit to ladies here in Plymouth maintaining the good health of many of the older generation. It is not just ordinary Keep Fit but Keep Fit and Dance, to such a standard that there is a strong Display Team which travels many miles in a year attending National Events and Rallies.

    Here is a brief description of these inspiring three ladies.

    The senior lady, Mrs. Mary Lakeman aged 84 years, has been a Registered Keep Fit Teacher since 1972. Takes two classes weekly, and trained the South West team for the Royal Albert Hall in 1988 and is currently choreographing a Plymouth team to perform at the South West AGM to be held in Gloucester in March, also still performs in the Display Team. Mary says she cannot stress too strongly the physical and mental benefits from being part of the Keep Fit Family.

    Next Mrs Jackie Hamblin aged 76 years, joined the Keep Fit Association in 1984. Despite losing an eye in an accident many years ago, and having to give up all other sports, went on to be a Class Rep and becoming Plymouth Vice Chairman in 1987 – 1990 and then Plymouth Chairman from 1990 – 1993, became a Registered Keep Fit teacher in 1991. Jackie still takes three classes per week and has been an active member of the Display Team for many years.

    Last but not least Mrs Sue Cook, who is also in her 70’s., and has been a Keep Fit teacher for 18 years. She moved from the South East region approximately 3 years ago. She has produced many County items and items for the Keep Fit Championships which are held biannually. She not only teaches Keep Fit but also dance classes which are open to all the other Keep Fit Classes, and to watch the results of what these ladies have learnt is breathtaking. Such professionalism with every step. Sue says her enjoyment comes from seeing her class progress and enjoy the benefits of movement plus experiencing the friendliness that comes from belonging to the Keep Fit Association.
    I think that sums up what we all feel who belong to this great movement, we are like one big happy family, where age is not recognised, there are a few ladies in their 90’s, several in their 80’s and many in their 70’s and when you see them performing you would never realise or think of them as Senior Citizens. So it goes to show that Keeping Fit and Dance is open to all ages. Thanks to these ladies for Inspiration that they radiate.
    Jenifer Poole[Mrs]

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