KFA, Kinship and Kynren

KFA, Kinship and Kynren
Article Date  : 28th October 2018
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  • Bishop Auckland in County Durham hosts an ongoing summer evening spectacular named Kynren, which echoes the Anglo Saxon word “Cynren” meaning generation, kindred, and family. The show portrays 2000 years of English history in 90 minutes including an engaging story with myths and legends. It is a fast, slick, exciting, dramatic, poignant and totally exhausting piece of genius that leaves one in a state of euphoria – that is the only way I can describe the show.

    As a volunteer for 2 years and being one of the cast, my experience is totally absorbing. But I do run this alongside my love of keep fit and dance and being a member of Bishop Auckland KFA for a lot of years there does require a certain amount of concentration to keep the two together (good for the memory, or so they say)!.

    The fundamental similarities between the two make it easy:

    Dedication and Commitment: Being there week after week, and on time.

    Love of Movement and Dance: There is a lot in the show: sword fighting, archery, flame throwing, horse riding, and dances from different countries.

    Friendship and Family: We have 3 generations of keep fitters in County Durham, mums and daughters together. Whole families volunteer for Kynren, with lots of male roles to cover as well.

    Fun and Laughter: How good it feels when you’ve done well, and had a good laugh!

    And last, but not least…

    Yourself: When you really look forward to rehearsals and class, working hard and feeling great.”

    Adrienne Sheridan – Bishop Auckland Keep Fit Association

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