Ladies Day in Cogenhoe

Ladies Day in Cogenhoe
Article Date  : 05th July 2018
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  • The sun shone and everyone turned up in their finest summer wear for our ‘Not Quite Ascot’ afternoon at Cogenhoe Village Hall. Hats, normally reserved for at weddings, were taken out of their boxes, proudly displayed and admired.   Matching high heels and handbags added to the glamour of the afternoon.

    We sipped our bucks fizz and with thoughts of My Fair Lady waited for the horse racing to begin.

    Only Kathie could have come up with so imaginative a version of horse racing without actual horses. Contestants stood at the starting gates clutching their nags – all suitably named, and waited for a roll of the dice to show 6. Then they were Off! – and it was a fairly sedate amble to the finishing line .

    Nevertheless we cheered on our jockey and groaned when they landed on a penalty square. Eventually the horses reached the finishing line and waited in the paddocks for their prize rosettes.

    Tea with teeny-tiny cakes and sandwiches, strawberries and cream finished off the afternoon.

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