National Festival 2018

Article Date  : 26th August 2018
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  • South East KFA were very proud to send two teams to perform at the KFA National Festival in Birmingham on 9th June, 2018.

    A good sized group of performers and spectators set of by car and train on Friday, 8th June, looking forward to a weekend full of keep fit, food and laughter.

    Our producers, Sheila Bryan (movement) and Denise Palmer (materials), delivered two amazing items full of emotion with the music ranging from Mahler to the contemporary Piano Guys.

    Sheila, along with Ann Burley, was also a show producer and these two ladies helped Lynne Casey produce the whole amazing show. If this was not enough, Sheila and Ann also closed the show by choreographing the finale item with a team of South East KFA keep fitters. The Symphony Hall is an amazing space to perform in and all SECKFA attendees were bursting with pride by the end of the afternoon.

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