National Festival 2018 – South West Teams

Article Date  : 10th August 2018
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  • The theme for this years festival was The Spirit of Dance. Eileen Scott and Sue Barton produced two superb items for South West that not only showed off the team members’ dancing skills but were also very entertaining to watch.

    Eileen’s item was called Streetwise and featured a dance off between two gangs – first showing aggression, then competitiveness and finally excitement as the two gangs became one.

    Sue’s item was called Swingtime and the team jitterbugged and jived as they demonstrated the wartime spirit of the 1940s.

    It was Eileen’s first time as a South West team producer for the National Festival. She said ‘As a new producer for this show, this was a real challenge for me working through varying degrees of emotions including lack of confidence and frustration… Then it all came together – elation! On  the day of the show the team did a fantastic job and it was a really proud moment for me listening to the applause.’



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