North West Celebrates 50 years.

North West Celebrates 50 years.
Article Date  : 20th May 2018
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  • The North Western KFA celebrated 50 years at their AGM on the 12th May.

    Teachers past and present were invited to join the golden celebration lunch and all members received a free ticket to the event and a commemorative pen.

    A special cake was baked by Carole Williams, Wirral KFA, which was cut into 270 pieces for everyone attending including the staff of the Marine Hall, Fleetwood where the event was held.

    Barbara Worrall, NW President, presented a “PAST TIMES” narration through the decades of keep fit with each local area providing keep fit from the decades 60s,70s,80,90 and 2000 .
    All proceeds from the raffle, a golden quiz and a name the bear competition were given to the National Charity for Alzheimer’s Society.
    The day was full of rallies taken by NW teachers and concluded with demonstrations from each area and the NW Championship team.

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