Party on the Pier

Article Date  : 27th July 2019
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  • This year’s Leicester & Northants Summer event on Saturday 22nd June, was a Party on the Pier, held at the unlikely seaside resort of Cogenhoe & Whiston Village Hall.

    The seaside theme prompted some to come dressed in Victorian bathing costumes,  a Surf boarding wetsuit and even some Mermaids, while others simply dressed for the sunniest of weather with shorts and tee shirts.

    The hall was decorated to recreate a beach scene with buckets and spades, deck chairs, windmills, beach towels and wicker picnic baskets.  A ‘stick your head in the hole’ board offered an opportunity to be photographed with the body of a Mermaid – although it has to be said that not everyone got the right idea!!.

    Games included quoits, throwing balls into a plastic pot and bean bags into buckets – none as easy as they seem and all becoming quite competitive as points were scored with the prize of a stick of seaside rock for the highest.
    While we chatted our brains were challenged with two fiendish quizzes with a seaside theme. The inevitable groans accompanied each answer as it was read out and amazed applause for the winner who got nearly all right. Her prize was another stick of rock!.
    The picnic was ‘Old School’ picnic fare of fizzy drinks, sandwiches, chocolate teacakes, wafer biscuits and swiss roll, along with ice cream in cones took us right back to childhood trips to the seaside.
    A collection of loose change in a bucket for the National Charity, Parkinson’s Disease, was started with other fund raising events planned through the year.
    A fun time was certainly had by all at A Party on the Pier.

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