Somerset Members Day 2018

Somerset Members Day 2018
Article Date  : 30th November 2018
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  • On the 17th November 2018, Somerset held its Free Members’ Afternoon. This is an initiative inaugurated by the South West Region to not only give an afternoon of Keep Fit free to KFA members, but also to encourage others to join the KFA, as it is open to family and friends as well.

    Nearly 30 people attended and the afternoon was taken by June Heath, a very popular teacher and trainer from the Avon Area. She brought along hoops, balls and ribbons and divided everyone into three groups. Each group was taught a simple movement motif to the same music, and then the three groups worked together. Many people were familiar with the apparatus and thoroughly enjoyed using them again. However, there were several people who had never used apparatus before, which meant that there was a distinct lack of dexterity when they first had a go. There were ribbons winding themselves around people or producing knots when knots were not required and hoops either flying or being dropped. The balls, especially, proved very elusive! They were bouncing and rolling in all directions accompanied by shrieks of laughter. One lady tried using a ball for the very first time and afterwards wrote in an e-mail:
    “Yes, a great afternoon. Not sure when I laughed so much, turning into tears of laughter. Don’t give me a ball again!!”
    After a break for tea (and cakes!) June took a session of seated exercise, which was much appreciated after all the effort with the apparatus.
    It was a very successful and thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, showcasing one of the most important aspects of the KFA, combining movement with sociability and fun.

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