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Talk on Nutrition

June 30 2019

Berkshire Members Talk on Nutrition Guest Speaker : Emma Stiles

De-Stress your day – ...

October 08 2017

Stress has an accumulative effect, like water dripping into a glass, so it is important to learn strategies that helpyou 'empty the glass ' every day, and stop it overflowing. 1. Be Time Affluent Dedicate at least 15 minutes of your day to something that you actively choo...

The Weight See-Saw

October 08 2017

THE WEIGHT SEE-SAW The thing about a see-saw is that if you have spent years piling on one end by overeating it takes a great deal of effort for one person to swing it back the other way. It seems that the only thing to go down when you gain a lot of weight is your self esteem an...