‘The Keep Fit Association’ Lifeboat Visit

‘The Keep Fit Association’ Lifeboat Visit
Article Date  : 27th July 2019
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  • On holiday while visiting Yorkshire some of us visited the Filey Lifeboat Station to check on the lifeboat which the Keep Fit Association helped to buy.

    Four of the group were there on Saturday 31st August 1991 when the boat was first named and launched. There was a Service of Dedication on the beach at Coble Landing, Filey. The lifeboat was called RNLB “The Keep Fit Association” and Brenda Bond of Nottingham climbed the ladder and steered it on its first journey!

    As you all know, the Keep Fit Association has raised a tremendous amount of money for charities over the years saving for many different funds both local and national. This was a ‘biggie’ and very special to all of us. Not just Keep Fitters but so many families and friends who became involved in this great effort. To get our name “The Keep Fit Association” on the sides of the lifeboat we had to raise more than half of the total needed. That incentive made us raise money any which way we could, including fun runs dressed as lifeboats and crews through the town’s of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire !

    The National KFA raised £250,000 and achieved their aim.

    The KFA lifeboat has been used in over 351 incidents and is soon to be replaced by a more modern and efficient life-saving craft. We were reassured that “our boat” will be transferred abroad to continue helping to save lives at sea !

    Didn’t we have a lovely time
    The day we went to Filey.
    We went on a bus, the 14 of us
    To see the lifeboat we all helped to buy !

    They gave us a guide and took us inside
    To show a presentation.
    It was of our boat, we saw it afloat
    It’s called “The Keep Fit Association”

    We remember it well, the day, it was swell
    When Brenda climbed the ladder !
    She took it to sea and then we had tea
    And thought of all the lives it would save !

    Well 28 years have come and have gone
    And it’s really done a good job !
    Rescues galore and many things more !
    So, Well Done to all – We did have a ball !

    What a great afternoon we had ! Many lovely memories!
    Can you remember the naming ceremony?
    Chris Huckle

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