The National Festival at the Symphony Hall Birmingham 2018

Article Date  : 18th August 2018
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  • What a weekend!
    Excitement and anticipation are almost tangible.
    The many weeks of rehearsal are now rewarded with the opportunity to perform on the stage in front of our peers.
    Pre-performance, we stroll outside mixing with other performers and audience members and nervously exchange ‘Good luck’ wishes.
    Our performance is suddenly upon us – and all over far too quickly!
    Seems to have gone well, is received appreciatively and, thankfully, no major mistakes!
    We get the chance to watch other performances and then the finale; a chance to perform again and search out friends and family in the audience.
    Time then for the team to relax and share reflections before wending our way home.
    We have a sense of achievement in performing, sadness that it is all over, but happy anticipation of the next time.
    Above all there is the feeling of community the KFA gives us, a sense of family, of belonging.

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