The Weight See-Saw

Article Date  : 08th October 2017
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    The thing about a see-saw is that if you have spent years piling on one end by overeating it takes a great deal of effort for one person to swing it back the other way. It seems that the only thing to go down when you gain a lot of weight is your self esteem and confidence while your BMI, cholesterol, risk of diabetes all go up with every pound.
    It was Jane, the weight management professional at my local KFA class that gave me the image of the see-saw. It now features on my fridge door but mainly in my head. When I confessed to Jane and said out loud that as an adult I had never lost weight, she said “that’s fine, we can deal with that” She went on to give me lots of advice including,
    • Drink a large glass of water 20mins before eating
    • Try to use a smaller plate
    I taught myself that.
    • You don’t have to have cake/biscuits with every cup of coffee.
    • Chocolate will not solve either the world’s problems or even mine.
    It’s not always easy and on bad days I tell myself that it won’t always be this hard. I have now tipped my see-saw so most weeks I lose a little weight, so I also reduce my risk of heart disease my BMI and all those other horrifying numbers.
    The image I keep in my mind of my see-saw tells me that one day when I am happy with my weight I can then move to the middle, not be hard on myself, and with the help of Jane and my keep fit buddies I WILL BALANCE MY SEE-SAW AND STAND PROUDLY IN THE CENTRE.

    Hilary Henstock – KFA Member

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