West Midlands Teacher Training Day

West Midlands Teacher Training Day
Article Date  : 10th April 2018
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  • West Midlands Teacher Training Day – Working on the Diagonals and Dynamics (involving an Attitude or Emotive Intention) Motion Factors.

    Due to the heavy snow a few weeks ago our training day had to be postponed. It was re-arranged for Sunday 8th April, (no snow) Teachers and experienced movers gathered together. Our trainers were Ann Alston and Joanne Stanier. We re-caped on the Diagonal scales with Ann and Joanne put us through the 8 Basic Effort Action (the efforts were certainly not basic).

    We worked individually and within groups creating movement within the diagonal lines, after lunch we enhanced the movement by using the diagonals adding the effort actions. We linked the effect actions to their natural place in the diagonal scale.

    It was a most enjoyable day.

    Maxine Lyons Birmingham KFA

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